8/7 Delegation of the day: Guatemala

In the first Activity we played a game called “Chinese masters”. It was alot of fun! We were split into six Groups, and walked around looking for the leaders, or the masters. Each had an awesome Challenge for us to complete, and we had to work as a team to overcome them 🙂

After JC shop, Guatemala and Costa Rica surprised us with their national activities. We did mailboxes from guatemalan patterns, played a game called “Liga”, had some fun in the “caracol & Rayuela”-station and played “Jack, cromos and canicas. We also had PIÑATAS!
For snack we tried guatemalan beans, some chips called Tortrix and Costa Rican Horchata, a really good drink.

The Costa Rican delegation told us of an legend called “El cadejo” and the Guatemalans showed us a cool video about their country. They all danced for us and we had a small party. Both delegations gave us great gifts and really good food!

We love Guatemala and Costa Rica 😀

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